The Dacians

Dacia is a land of magic.
The trees in the forests stretch their boughs upward and talk to the skies. The women are strong and accept loss as part of life. Girls dance with fairies on their wedding night. The Dacian god is wise, just and protective and the wolves bond with warriors, wenn it is time to fight.

Dacia is a land worth defending.



Path of the Fairies

Dacia is the hidden kingdom in the Carpathians. Its people call them the Blues. Their life is simple, their destiny entwined with the land they live on. But then, the enemy comes for their riches, their lives and their souls. The fairies weil and the gods get angry. It is time for the warriors to stand tall and fight.

Because a land belongs to a people only as long as they are willing to defend it.

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A Blue Path of Gold

It is time to fight again. But this time the enemy is closer. How is a new king to find the right path for his people? How is he to inspire and lead with a broken heart? And how is he to put the kingdom before the woman he loves?

Appears May, 1, 2024


Path of the Lost

The kingdom has thrived for almost twenty years. But now, another emperor sees it as a threat again. There is no escape for the Dacians. The king is no more, his warriors are dead or turned into slaves. The women alone are left to fight for themselves and for their children. Is there a place on earth where they can find shelter? Will they be able to protect the future of their people?

Scheduled to be published in December 2024

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